18 Sep 2017


   Wireless 802.11* networks offer the convenience

18 Sep 2017



802.11* networks offer the convenience of high-speed networking without the costs and inflexibility of a cabled infrastructure.  These networks do however require much more attention to be given to security details than would be necessary with physical conncetions.

 Wired LAN

We handle all aspects of office networking from wiring server rooms to installing workstations and configuring laptops.  If your office requires maintenance let us create a custom schedule to manage the difficult and troublesome tasks of security and administration.  This is often one of the most cost effective IT decisions a small to mid size company can make.


Is your LAN the internet itself?  If you and your colleagues work from home the office may consist of networked computers scattered about the town or even around the world creating a virtual campus.  Encrypted tunnels can produce a network that is just as seamless and secure as your typical self contained LAN.

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