18 Sep 2017


Retail Establishments Stores make use of sophisticated

18 Sep 2017
  • Retail Establishments

Stores make use of sophisticated new technologies to stay secure and better connected than ever before.  From powerful point of sale solutions to firewalls and routers, retail networks make for a daunting environment.  With Laguna Data’s years of experience in this environment now you can let the professionals handle it.  We have low hourly billing rates so you and your employees can get back to do what you do best, making sales!


  • Office Networks

Office spaces have a unique set of requirements.  From backups, to system restoration, printer maintenance to custom applications Laguna Data can make your team more productive by creating business solutions that are tailored for your needs.  Give us a call at (949) 234-9107 to setup an appointment today.


  • Restaurants

Technology’s found it’s way into the kitchens and business wouldn’t be the same without it.  If you’re experiencing an issue with your services give us a call or text (949) 234-9107 after hours so we can run an emergency call and get you back online immediately.


  • Remote Users

Professionals on the go need to stay connected.  City to city on planes and in hotels you’ll want to be prepared for that big meeting and Laguna Data is here to assist every step of the way.

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