20 Sep 2017

Residential Services

Printer Installations – Let us setup your

20 Sep 2017

Printer Installations – Let us setup your new printer or fix print issues you may be experiencing with your current printer.  Maybe you’d like to be able to print from your phone when on the go.  No problem, give us a call and we’ll create an appointment ASAP.



Streaming media – Players like Apple TV and Amazon FireTV can offer great programming to supplement or replace your cable or satellite channels.  Give us a call to get setup connected in no time.


Internet connectionsWiFi Routers – Have some WiFi questions?  We can help and will make sure your house is seamlessly covered.


Smart Homes – Assistants like Alexa and Google Home are powerful voice activated assistants that can automate and simplify many tasks and make your home more fun to live in.  Ask us how we use them to futurize life.



Backups and restoring data – We recommend that our customers take time to automate as much of their backup procedure as much possible.  Ask us to evaluate your backup plan to ensure smooth sailing.



Fitness Trackers – Fitbit and Apple watches can make staying in shape less of a burden and give handy feedback on your health.  Find out which is best for you.



Synchronize Devices – Would you like your phone and computer to share information?  Not a problem!  We’re experts at syncing email, pictures, files of almost any variety between most platforms.



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