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Technical support for southern Orange County TVs, iPhones, printers, laptop computers, wifi and 802.11 wi-fi

It's easy to get onsite Network and IT support in southern Orange County, CA. We've been in business 14 years. 92629 92656 92677. Apple, Samsung, Canon, HP, Brother, Cox, VPN database, SQL, Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop, video, pictures, camera. Laguna Data provides technical support for home users, home offices and corporate or business networks. We repair virtually any IT problem quickly and efficiently keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum. So who calls us? • Home users looking to improve wi-fi performance. • Home users that want to remove viruses or spyware. • Users trying to synchronize phone and computers. • Businesses that want to create a web presence. • Offices that require routine maintenance. • Corporate networks looking to upgrade systems hardware. TV and audio video streaming devices camera smart watch







Laguna Data

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Wireless 802.11* networks offer the convenience of high-speed networking without the costs and inflexibility of a cabled infrastructure. These networks do however require much more attention to be given to security details than would be necessary with physical conncetions. Wired LAN We handle all aspects of office networking from wiring server rooms to installing workstations and configuring laptops. If your office requires maintenance let us create a custom schedule to manage the difficult and troublesome tasks of security and administration. This is often one of the most cost effective IT decisions a small to mid size company can make. WAN Is your LAN the internet itself? If you and your colleagues work from home the office may consist of networked computers scattered about the town or even around the world creating a virtual campus. Encrypted tunnels can produce a network that is just as seamless and secure as your typical self contained LAN.


  • Network Security testing and hardening

  • Connect your TV to the internet

  • Improve Wifi performance

  • Sync phones and computers

  • Backup data or restore backups

  • Setup smart home products


A key to our success over the past 15 years has been a commitment to successful partnerships. By integrating your experience and our expertise we can build anything.

  • Home and Small Office Networks

  • Home networks are making use of sophisticated new technologies to stay more secure and well connected than ever before.  Firewalls, routers, spyware and virus detection, mixed with wireless devices can make a daunting environment.  Why not let the professionals handle it?  Laguna Data offers low hourly billing rates so you won’t be surprised.


  • Office Network Administration

  • Offices networks usually have wonderful tools but if they lack administration and preventative maintenance, they could be become a liability. Laguna Data has the remedy for that.  We can manage your network remotely or with as little as one visit per month, keeping all machines up to date and their services running at peak performance.

Serving South Orange County

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